Organically Raised Produce from Andover, CT


The BB CSA is operated by Ben Brewster, the resident head farmer. Featuring organic vegetables, flowers and berries the farm offers weekly pickups or delivery.


Located on the Hop River with bottom land soil with enough tillable space to provide food for CSA members and a weekly farm stand from June through October.

The farm connects with other private holdings along the river to make an informal wildlife refuge for many species of birds and animals including coyote, deer, bear, fox, and beaver.

This is our third season offering fresh picked, organic produce for CSA families and our farm stand.  We take great pride in maintaing healthy soil, rotating crops and nurturing produce with timely organic practices. We have had great success the past two years with the only organic corn in the area, 15 varieties of tomatoes, many kinds of vigorous lettuces and greens, large and small pumpkins, sweet watermelons, 5 kinds of potatoes, onions, garlic, u pick flowers, and thirty other varieties of food and flowers.  We will augment our strawberries and add rasberries for our members this year.