Organically Raised Produce from Andover, CT

Home Gardens

New in 2017 - Your Own Mini Garden at Home

We can build an organic garden in your yard.  You choose the size, style and type of food. The basic format would be 20' x 20' which is 400 square feet. It could include up to 20 different kinds of vegetables, flowers or fruit. Cost for the basic plan is $250 plus seeds, plants, soil, compost, manure, bedding, mulch and all deliveries. It would be organic and bio diverse requiring no annual tilling.  We install and plant while you work with us if you wish. Later you will water, weed, and harvest. 

You use all the food you want and donate the rest to us for use for food pantries. We both agree to grow organically with no commercial fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide. We will visit as needed to consult on the productivity of the garden. It is like an instant, foolproof garden right at home.  Have to be away we can water.  

You can do both - have a CSA share and a home garden.  Call us to discuss details and arrange a beneficial installation date.