When you think of the United States Marine Corps, the first thing that comes to mind is the deep-rooted Naval traditions. A Naval Expeditionary Force is the base of how the Marine Corps was established and how they started to build such a polished reputation. Today’s Marine Corps is shifting its operational focus away from land-based operations and returning to its Naval Expeditionary roots. This change comes in response to the global threats that China and Russia pose. The ability to control the sea has been a vital step to the success of the United States even prior to the country’s inception.

Figure 1 Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 8 conducting route clearance operations in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. (2011)

Based upon this existential crisis, the Marine Corps has published its Tentative Manual for Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations. A significant keynote in this manual will be the new formation of small naval task forces that will support the Navy’s activities. One reason for this implementation is to counter the long-range ballistic missiles that China currently possesses. Another major change will be the doubling of the Marine Corps unmanned aerial systems squadrons, which will play a vital role in the naval operation’s strategy through Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) reconnaissance and C-UAS movements.

Figure 2 Marines boarding an enemy vessel

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Figure 3 NuPower 11B02A-TAC Mini Multi-Octave Power Amplifier


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